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Novigo is a young and vibrant company, with the necessary willpower and dedication to succeed and exceed expectations.

We have a multitude of staff from various industries and as such we are able to make the perfect placement for any vacancy you might have. Our staff members are passionate and driven individuals who work hard to help you place the perfect candidate – as if you have hand-picked the candidate yourself to suit your needs. Our company was established to fill the gap and regain the trust of individuals, companies and corporations let down by other “recruitment companies”. We apply all of ourselves to every single task we undertake to ensure that the end-result always remains exceptional. We have a very hands-on approach to any and all challenges that are thrown our way. If a skill exists – we will find the candidate who possesses such a skill. If a vacancy exists – we will fill it. If we promise the moon and the stars – you can rest assured that you’ll have it. Cast away your fears and doubts. Let’s make the impossible a reality – together.