Novigo's standard recruitment process is as follows : Recognizing our clients' needs for a specific position (this includes the office culture and the specific requirements of the position), sourcing a suitable candidate, phone screening the candidate, reference checking, schedule interviews with the client and then, wish fulfillment, or as you might know it, placement!

Speak to one of our friendly account managers to explain your needs and timeline for a specific position:

Sourcing suitable applicants

Our top recruiters are in charge of sourcing the exceptional candidates. We also advertise the position on our many candidate portals as well as our website.

Phone Screen

Our friendly recruitment specialists are everything but shy when it comes to hard work and dedication. This is why they are the select few that we trust with representing all our candidates as truthfully and accurately as possible. This is not as simple as asking a few questions and moving on. Our recruitment specialists build a lasting relationship with each and every candidate that they represent.


We take it upon ourselves to ensure that each and every candidate entering onto our clients' premises conducts themselves in a manner befitting of the values of the company. Punctuality, Tidiness, Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty are some of the most important values we look for in our employees as well as in our candidates.


We offer nearly any kind of testing know to man (and woman). To speed up the recruitment process and to ensure that we can continue offering competitive rates to all our clients, all while not compromising on quality, we include a standard Reference Check, Criminal Check, ITC Check and Qualification Check with every candidate.


Every great relationship has to start somewhere. Yours starts here.